A Marketing Score for Small Businesses

Calculating the health of a businesses marketing readiness. The start of a sales funnel that let’s you know what you need.

Giving Small Business Owners A Way to Understand Their Marketing Health
Business Warrior aimed to give small business a way to know what their marketing health is, outline a path to improvement, and provide the means to achieve it. The leaders at BW brought me on to visualize their concept into a user-interface that was easy for a small business owner to understand and use.

The 3 Battles


Business marketing score assess needs and room for growth.


Outline marketing initiatives that we can offer to that would increase their score


Provide financing to fund the marketing initiatives

User Flow

The Business’s Marketing Credit Score
Phase one is to asses a businesses marketing readiness. All they would need to do is provide some basic information and the system would scrape the internet and generate a score that gave the user a temperature check. The first challenge was to find a way to present this information in a way that was similar to a credit score so that the user could easily understand it with minimal explanation.

Analysis of Marketing Health

The marketing score has four tears, much like a credit score only the factors that decide your score are advertising readiness, search engine listings, reviews, and seo. The way we decided to have the consumer comprehend this is through gamification. Borrowing from rank and reward systems in mobile and online games we gave our users a way to work toward something. Going from fair to good might mean that you would get more customers through the door increasing your marketing score and making you more likely to qualify for a loan (a step that comes later in the funnel).

Phase 2
Journey To Success
After defining the areas that need improvement we built a summary page that itemizes what tasks need to be dealt with. A user can chose to address these items on their own but if they find it too daunting CTA’s lead to booking a call with a marketing specialist that can draw up a marketing roadmap for them to drive them to get more customers.
Phase 3
Business Warrior Lending
The final part of the cycle is to provide financing options so that businesses can minimize risk to their business by paying for marketing services with lender funds. The challenge here was reputation. How do we encourage customers to take advantage of our lending product when we don’t have an established reputation as a financial institution. One way we could do that on the user experience side was providing accessible and welcoming customer service in a way that was scalable for a small startup. An automated chat bot with fun and welcoming memojies was implemented in order to encourage users to raise any concerns despite not having a 24 hour support team.