My Story

Born and raised in Chicago I was surrounded by my family of artists, musicians, poets, linguists, and craftsmen and as a result culture and creativity have always been a part of my upbringing. My motivation has been to be create captivating work and hone whatever craft I took on in order to enrich my Assyrian culture. My parent’s generation took to a guiding principal that they continue to instill in us, “What ever you do, be the best at it.” And so I work each day to be the best designer, artist, writer, Christian, athlete, and etymologist that I can be. When I’m not creating user centered products I spend my time writing my fantasy novel, studying Assyrian etymology, serving as a board member on the Assyrian American Culture Organization of Arizona, and training for my first HYROX race. I also enjoy a rich cigar while reading, playing chess, or catching with friends about life, faith, careers, politics, food, and all the things that make life beautiful.

My Experience

I received my training at Depaul University in Chicago where I studied under industry leaders who taught me how to practice design thinking, hone my technical skills, and make the user's needs the center of each design. Over the span of my 11 year career I have worked for marketing teams and internal agencies on various digital campaigns, developed design systems, and lead teams from the director level providing vision, scalability, and proficiency. I spent six years at Groupon building the email design program, leading teams, building design systems, and helping our growth marketing team experiment on tactics to best hit key performance indicators. More recently I dove into the exciting world of startups, building SaaS products in the marketing and fintech spaces while wearing many hats, working directly with executive teams to contribute to company vision and strategy while hitting milestones along the product roadmap.

January 8, 2024
The Man of God vs the Warrior of God
What is my place Chrisindom? What role do I fill in the battle between good and evil? How do I know if I am fulfilling my purpose? I recently heard the phrase "Man of God vs Warrior of God". It is the idea that a man of God is a Christian who has lived a simple and righteous life where a warrior of God is a Christian who came from a background of hardship and sin. Each one has their role in the grand scheme of things and each one brings great value in the glorification of His kingdom.
January 8, 2024
Fasting for Body & Spirit
When talking about fasting we text to fixate on what to eat or don't. The topic revolves around our diet and I hear less conversation about the spiritual struggles that we face during an extended fast. How do we aim to make the most of our fast and use it for what it is truly meant to be. I time to remove ourselves from the worldly and connect fully with the heavenly.
January 8, 2024
Judgement vs Discernment
To judge or not to judge? There is a difference between judgment and discernment. Judgment is not based on truth but rather perspective. Discernment is the identification of truth and fallacy. When judgment and discernment have different answers then judgment is poor but when judgment and discernment have the same answer judgment is good judgment and is justified
work in progress
A working novel
William & The World of Atour
Written by Michael Mikho
A young boy must assume the full weight of his father’s responsibilities after his sudden death. The fate of elementals now rests on William's shoulders as he struggles to understand how to protect his people from oblivion against the nihilistic alchemists.