The first step to managing wealth is understanding how to get there. Code name Zuza aims to be a wealth management tool for the middle class citizen who wants to get a clearer view of their path to financial independence.

The Problem

Wealth management can be complicating. Even for the financially literate. Banking software is outdated and brokerages are disconnected from your total net worth. You don’t have a true view of your balance without crunching the numbers yourself.

How can we build a product that gives a true view of your total net worth and give you tools to build your wealth?

Goals Flow Wireframe

After working through the information architecture, making sure to consider dependencies, blockers, and requirements we move on to the wire-framing phase which is where we ensure the experience is optimal for each flow and point out where common components are needed that could reappear in other flows.

Design Thinking Guides a Strong Design System

After establishing guiding factors through design thinking exercises we can develop a UI Kit and flush out a design system. We want our users to trust the applications competency while also feeling approachable. A balance between design elements like dark mode and rounded corners help the user perceive those themes simultaneously.


The prototype includes screens that implement the design system, interactions, and help outline the flow. This helps the product team and other stakeholders identify gaps, foreshadow needs, and feel confident that the parameters are met.

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