Discovery Use Case

Minnect: New User Flow Redesign

Minnect is a mentoring app created by Patrick Bet David and Valuetainment. I met Patrick at the 2024 AmFest event by Turning Point USA last December and had the opportunity to speak with him about the app. A couple weeks later I found myself pitching this proposal which was well received to Minnect's head of product. In this use case I explored how to use various design psychology principals to inspire a first time user to ask a question after landing on a well placed mentor.

First thing’s first...Who is our user?


Q: What psychological factors can we use to help new users, who aren’t sure about Minnect, see themselves investing in a Minnect Mentor?

Reading through Phychology Today, Growth.Design and various other articles I compiled what factors have a role in the way a person finds a mentor or choose who to seek out advice from. I then ideated various features that would lend themselves to those factors in order to build the users psych level throughout the journey.

Design Thinking & Psychology

This video goes through the specific psychological factors used to design the browse and mentor pages in order to put the user in an optimal state to think of a question. When the system accurately surfaces a relevant mentor and the user lands on the mentors page, we use aspirational or potential shared experiences to establish shared values, reciprocity, and trust through the various features.

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